You have done the smart thing by not travelling out of the UAE with your family in this glorious weather. But are you now twiddling your thumbs thinking of what to do in the Emirates during the long weekend?

You wouldn’t be if you knew about Dubai Garden Glow.

Spread across 50 acres at Zabeel Park, Gate 6, the garden is home to attractions that are a hit with both young and old alike, but it’s usually the little ones who go completely gaga over them.

Here we list the reasons Dubai Garden Glow never ceases to amaze the children.

1. A chance to play starring roles at the Magic Park

Want to be the lead actor in your own horror show? Think you are a superhero capable of scaling buildings and hanging upside down from ceilings? Live out your fantasies at Dubai Garden Glow’s newly opened Magic Park where you can interact with more than 25 exhibits and 3D artworks to create out-of-this-world illusions.

Image Credit: Clint Egbert

Pretend to be scared as a terrifying dinosaur crashes through the walls to engulf you. Act like a magician and make your body disappear. Or save yourself from the clutches of King Kong bringing down the Burj Al Arab.

Image Credit: Clint Egbert

Capture all these moments in photographs with the help of the support staff – who will ensure that you’ve got the right pose and the angles to create the best illusions possible – and show them off to your friends and family.

Image Credit: Clint Egbert

2. Find new play mates at the Dinosaur Park

You will be thrilled to find the prehistoric creatures you have only seen in books and movies come alive at the park. If you are a dino enthusiast, get straight to it – find out how many of the 100 animatronic dinosaurs on display you can identify.

Image Credit: Clint Egbert

If you are not too keen on dinos, a visit to the park, depicting their evolution and extinction, may be just what you needed to pique your interest. Quench your curiosity with the information available in the little boxes next to the dinosaurs.

Image Credit: Clint Egbert

But make sure you don’t miss the daily shows starring the walking and roaring dino at the entrance.

3. Chill out at the Ice Park

This is the closest your children can get to snow in this desert nation. So bundle them up and make a beeline for the Ice Park to give them a taste of sub-zero temperatures.

Image Credit: Clint Egbert

The park’s appeal lies as much in its setting as in the 50-odd ice sculptures it houses. You can rest assure that the novelty of seeing beautiful wild animals carved out in ice at -8 degrees Celsius is not something the children would easily forget.

Image Credit: Stefan Lindeque

4. Wonder at the Glow Park

Image Credit: Clint Egbert

Lights, colour, art and nature all come together at the Glow Park to create a world of wonder and beauty for children. Experts say this parallel universe comprising huge artistic installations of pandas and peacocks, plants and flowers, birds and butterflies can spark their imagination and creativity.

Image Credit: Clint Egbert

Let the children explore the open space and discover the attractions at their own pace. Scattered across the garden are about 500 such sets built around the theme of nature using recycled fabric and 10 million LEDs.

Image Credit: Clint Egbert

Tucked away in the Glow Park is the Art Park, which is made of recycled materials such as bottles, CDs and ceramic items. Children are sure to come away impressed by the installations as well as the message of conservation.